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Originally Posted by TaichiWind View Post
Alright, I, for one, am angry as heck. First of all, they literally JUST released the sequels for the gen V games. So they don't even want to give them some time to develop? SOME? And they don't even want to make Gen 3 remakes? EVERYONE wants Gen 3 remakes. Most everyone. And for the 3DS? Do they just want to make more money? I can't afford a 3DS and I'm not planning to afford a 3DS anytime soon, let alone buy it. Although it IS true that the gen V PMD games are for the 3DS too, but... What the hell? Can't they just pick a system and develop it? They were on a good path with the DS, I don't know what the hell happened all of the sudden.

Although I admit the graphics are really top-notch (what less would you expect on a freaking 3DS), they can't really call it fully developed 3D models unless they're from all angles like in, for instance, Poképark. Also, nothing of it looks like a Pokémon game. Just from the few screenshots I've seen.

The starters... ugh. Chespin looks like someone bathed a Pachirisu in a Sudowoodo that just came out of a blender. Fennekin is an anorexic Eevee with overgrown ear-hair. Froakie... I'm not even going to go there. This thing looks pretty badass though:

It's a Sawsbuckviriziosuicunethingamajig, but it looks damn epic.
The DS/DS Lite/DSi are all dying systems now. The 3DS has been out for roughly two years I believe, and until now, GameFreak had yet to announce a main title Pokémon game for the 3DS. And I believe Nintendo wasn't very pleased with GameFreak when they had released B2/W2 for the DS systems either. GameFreak was bound to release a new generation for the 3DS at some point, and announcing one for 2014 is really pushing it when the 3DS would be going on almost 3 years.

At the start of New Years, Pokémon announced that they were taking on new leaps and bounds and expanding the world of Pokémon this year. In order to do that, and on the 3DS system, things were bound to change. However, as different as it looks, the mechanics itself - such as the battling system - seems to operate the same other than its new look.

As far as R/S remakes, I've been eagerly anticipating a remake of the Hoenn region ever since HG/SS was announced, but just because it wasn't released during the 5th Gen, doesn't mean it won't happen. It may just happen during this new generation of Pokémon, and by the look of the graphics on Pokémon X and Y, I couldn't be more pleased about that.

The mascot for Pokémon X does look pretty cool doesn't it? I like that one a lot. I can't change your mind on the starters though. We all have our own opinions about a Pokémon's design. I for one actually really like all three starters this generation. I can't say the same about Gen V.