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    Wow. I'd say it's a ridiculous claim to think that going exclusive for 3DS is going to kill the pokemon line.

    as others have said, we bought DS's for pokemon pearl and such, eventually we'll suck it up and get 3Ds

    It's progression, pokemon had to jump on the bandwagon eventually.

    They're honestly not /that/ expensive used anymore.
    I traded in my old beat up 16gig ipod G3 (for ~70$)I dragged out of a drawer and got my 3DS from gamestop for 50$ back in june.
    (Actually, I first traded it in for a DS Lite, had issues with it so I took it back and all they had were DSi's and I had that and the wifi on it sucked so then I took THAT back on got a 3DS - yay gamestop 7 day no question return policy 8D)

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