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    H Y R U L E
    The Golden Era


    "Following the defeat of Ganon and the recovery of the Triforce, Hyrule entered a Golden Era of peace, in which great and wise rulers governed the land with the strength of the united Triforce at their command."

    You can play as one of seven races living throughout Hyrule. Hover over a picture to read more about them, and click on them to see their page from the Zelda Wiki.

    The people of Hyrule had lost faith in the three Goddesses as their only hope for salvation was destroyed. However, Ganon was sealed and eliminated with the power of the Triforce. Peace was soon restored to Hyrule, and the Triforce was sealed away, after it was wished upon to restore the land. In the years following, there was a great incline, things were going well, crops were exceptionally well-grown, waters were crystal clear, and everything was in good condition. Even the people seemed more friendly. This was soon known as the Golden Era of Hyrule. The only worries in the world were the monsters roaming the land, but they never set foot in towns, and people were paid to travel with, for their weaponry and skills would ensure a safe arrival at the destination. Soon, rumors of dark characters were spread, evil sorcerers who quested to revive to the dark King Ganon. Although it was highly disbelieved, it still put people on edge. Some races became uncomfortable with one another, for fear that the peace between them would break. Others, however, came closer, bonded as they sought each other for protection. Others simply didn't care. It was entirely up to the person. You are one of these people. Your adventure begins here.

    The land of Hyrule is expansive, with plenty of landmarks, cities and towns. Be sure to read each area's section, for information on the area as well as a list of enemies (if any) that appear there. Click on an enemy's picture to read more about it.
    Hyrule Field:
    A large, open field that connects every place together. This area fills more than half of the land. Enemies are scattered about here, including Peahats, their larvae, and the Stalchildren.

    Peahats are always around, and will rise from the ground if you come near. Stalchildren only appear at night, and only rise from the ground if you tread off of the pathways.

    Hyrule Town:
    A peaceful town of Hylians located right outside of the Castle. At night, dogs roam freely and love to chase people around.

    Hyrule Marketplace:
    The Marketplace is located directly in the center of Hyrule Town, filled with Game Shops, Bazaars, and other miscellaneous stores. The Mask Shop is exclusively located here.

    Hyrule Castle:
    Located further into Hyrule Town, a castle can be seen in the distance. However, only Royalty and guardsmen are allowed into the castle, as Queen Zelda resides here. However, few have been able to sneak past the guards...

    Lon Lon Ranch:
    Centered in Hyrule Field, the Ranch is a peaceful and quaint place owned by a woman named Malon. Horses and Cuccos reside here. It's also the only place to buy Lon Lon Milk!

    Attack a Cucco, and you'll surely meet your demise.

    Kakariko Village:
    Located north of Hyrule Field, Kakariko Village is not only a place of residency, but a place of History as well. The long-lost tribe, the Sheikah. Hylians live here, and the Old Hag's Magic Potion Shop is exclusively located here. There is also a Bazaar, and a shooting gallery. The Graveyard is also behind this town, and Death Mountain above it.

    The Graveyard is accessible by passing through Kakariko Village. Though the Gravekeeper is deceased, the Graveyard has retained a clean, if not solemn appearance. The graveyard is entirely safe during the daytime, and people sometimes come to pay their respects. It's also rumored that Dampe (the Gravekeeper) is buried here, and entering his grave might meet you with his ghost.

    At night, Poes roam free. If you happen to dig up a grave, you might be met with a ReDead or, on rarer occasions, a Gibdo.

    Death Mountain:
    Death Mountain can be found by leaving the North Gate of Kakariko Village. It's a long path up the mountain, so preparations must be made. About halfway up, Dodongo's Cavern is accessible, but to get to Goron City, you must take the full trek.

    Red tektites are your only enemy here, though they are plentiful, aggressive, and happen to be right in the middle of the path.

    Goron City:
    Goron City is atop Death Mountain, and is home to the Gorons. You may need directions, though, as the areas has many floors with confusing stairways. King of Gorons resides here, named "Link" after the great hero who fell during the dark war.

    Dodongo's Cavern:
    Dodongo's Cavern is a place that should definitely be avoided, unless you're a Goron. Dodongos live in this cave, and do not take trespassers lightly. Gorons love this place because the tastiest, mineral-filled rocks are found inside.

    Dodongos can breathe fire, and have steel-hard skin. Their weak spot is their tail, and upon death, they explode. Their children only chase, and also explode on death.

    Zora's River:
    Zora's River is a long pathway that connects Hyrule Field to Zora's Domain. There aren't many landmarks, but plenty of enemies in the way.

    Octoroks will rise from the water and spit seeds at you, and Blue Tektites will give chase. Blue Tektites are different from the red ones on Death Mountain in that they are able to glide across water.

    Zora's Domain:
    Zora's Domain is a calming area consisting of a pool and waterfall, some pathways, a throne. Sitting upon this throne is Queen Ruto, a beautiful Zora with a bit of an attitude. Under the pool of water in Zora's Domain is a shorcut to Lake Hylia, that only Zoras can use.

    Lake Hylia:
    South of Hyrule Field, Lake Hylia is a beautiful place, half land and half lake. There's also a laboratory beside the lake, which has long since been abandoned. Near the end of the land near Lake Hylia is a door to the Fishing Game.

    Both forms of Tektite reside here, with Red on land and Blue on water, alongside a few Octorok in the Lake. The enemies here, however, are scarce in comparison to other areas, due to the Lake's popularity among Hylians.

    Kokiri Forest:
    East of Hyrule Field, Kokiri Forest is home to the Kokiri. Visitors are welcome, but only the Kokiri are allowed to see the Great Deku Tree, who watches over them. The path to the Deku Tree is also unsafe, with a few enemies along the way. Kokiri Forest is ruled over by "King" Mido, though any rulership is really no more than leadership. Lost Woods is also accessible here.

    Occasional Skulltulas, Deku Babas, and Deku Scrubs line the path to the Deku Tree.

    Lost Woods:
    The Lost Woods are open to all, but it's highly recommended that you avoid going here unless you are Kokiri. Anyone else will surely be lost trying to navigate these woods, and the theory goes that those lost in the woods become Stalfos.

    Skull Kids are rumored to be children who wandered into the forest, but their actual origin is unknown. The spit poison needles at adults, but are oddly nice to children. You may also find a Business Scrub here, who spits nuts and, if defeated, offers you items for slightly discounted prices. Of course, you may find one who'll offer something at an even higher price.

    Sacred Grove:
    The Sacred Grove is only accessible by Kokiri, though entry is forbidden. No one knows much about this place, but you must follow a specific path in Lost Woods to reach it.

    Gerudo Valley:
    Gerudo Valley is west of Hyrule Field, and home to Gerudo Tribe, and ruled over by Queen Noburu, who is likely named after the previous queen, Nabooru. This tribe lives in Gerudo's Fortress, which requires travel through a harsh desert. The people are kind to Twili but will prevent any others from entering their home, unless for good reason. Sneaking in can result in being thrown into prison. Put up a fight, and the agile women can put you to a very quick end.

    Haunted Wasteland:
    The desert that connects Gerudo Valley to Gerudo's Fortress. The sandstorm here makes it impossible to see where you're going, and much about the place is unexplored. Only the Gerudo and the Twili can freely roam here. Others need guidance from a large Poe who will navigate you across the desert for a price... Though he cares not if you survive or fall.

    Gerudo's Fortress:
    This is the home of the Gerudo Tribe. The building itself is sort of a labyrinth, and prisoners are often kept in the cells here.

    Arbiter's Grounds:
    This tower is located somewhere in the Haunted Wasteland desert, and atop the tower is the Twilight Mirror, the only gate between the Twilight Realm and Hyrule. It's absolutely only accessible by Twili, as a magic forcefield prevents anyone else from entry.

    Twilight Realm:
    Accessed by walking into the Twilight Mirror, the Twilight Realm resides within its own existence, apart from the world. Queen Midna rules kindly here, and the Twili live peacefully.

    Dragon Roost Island:
    Dragon Roost Island is home to the Rito, ruled in Monarchy by King Komali. The island has few landmarks, and is often found as "boring" among the Rito. They often fly to Hyrule and live their lives freely.

    Unknown Territory:
    Anywhere not listed and outside of the map is unknown territory, and is far too dangerous to be in. However, the Rito must cross this place (by flight) to get to Hyrule. Consider this place "Out of Bounds" and avoid it.
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