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Originally Posted by Retro Bug View Post
I was surprised when I saw the gameplay started and showed those graphics. It was obvious they were going to move toward this direction but I just wasn't ready for it, still not ready for it. I've spent these passed years used to the 2D sprites and world and to see this was just a shock. I mean it's not something I cannot easily get used to. I just didn't flat out like it at first. Meh, it's growing on me especially since I saw the battles and rewatched the trailers quite a few times. The moves look sweet and the way we enter the battle looks just as awesome.

Eeek, can't wait for these games guys!
Lucky for you, and everyone else who still needs time to adapt, we have a ten month wait before they're actually released. Within that time, we'll just keep feeding off of new scans, Pokémon, and information to keep our appetites whet.

I kind of just want them now though. :x

Originally Posted by Patchisou Yutohru View Post
I'm actually the exact opposite. I am so ready for Gen VI. I was afraid that the announcement would have been for a new remake, since that's what 80% of the speculation about it was about, and Gen V would just drag on another year. Gen V seemed to last way too long. I can't really explain why I felt that way, because I'm pretty sure it lasted about the same amount of time as Gen IV.
Can you believe Gen V was actually shorter than Gen IV? I too felt Gen V had been dragging on for too long now, but that might be because it's the first region/generation I'm just not entirely into. I'm eager for RSE remakes, but I'm glad we'll hopefully/maybe/possibly get them in a new generation that looks to be a whole lot better.

Originally Posted by Manipulation View Post
I wonder what the 'Pikachu' type Pokémon of this generation will be like. (I mean as a mascot.)
I can't remember, but what was the "Pikachu" type Pokémon in Unova?

...Oh wait, Emolga aka the Pachirisu that could fly. I hope they give us something better than that this time around.