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Originally Posted by Manipulation View Post
I wonder what the 'Pikachu' type Pokémon of this generation will be like. (I mean as a mascot.)
Hmm, the new rodent and 'Pidgey' as well. For some reason I'm interested in which direction they'll take.

Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
Aerilyn sent me fan art of the three and they're MUCH cuter in fanart than in official art. XD So Froakie and Chespin aren't as bad as I initially thought when I saw them on Serebii. Official art can ruin anything, I tell ya.
Ohmygosh, I was just about to bring up fan art. I've loved the fan art I've seen so far on Tumblr. It even displays Froakie in a good light, which I didn't think was possibly.

Originally Posted by Aerilyn View Post
Lucky for you, and everyone else who still needs time to adapt, we have a ten month wait before they're actually released. Within that time, we'll just keep feeding off of new scans, Pokémon, and information to keep our appetites whet.
Ten months is a long time still but yeah it will give me enough time to adapt to this style as we see more and more of it. We'll be leeches (or rather I will be for sure) for informations regarding X and Y.

By the way, I love Young Justice and your avatar!

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