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    Nemo "Ace" Dannan - Icy Plains
    Nemo's smile spread just a little more widely at the continued compliments, oh how they filled her ego, though her smile went a little wonky at the very comfortable touch she got to her forehead. It wasn't particularly dangerous, but it reminded her of of Sticky Jimmy; he was a good nurse, but Pokemon saliva tended to get everywhere around him. Blech. She just needed to react like she did in battle; be polite, be efficient, and have a plan to kill everyone you meet. ...well, perhaps not that last one, around these parts.

    Then the teacher gave away the name of what she was presenting; although Nemo had memorized most of the berries from her information-scouring earlier anyway, it would have made it that much easier for somebody who could only vaguely recall it. Olivia definitely didn't, though, despite her recent destruction of that guy's team. Regardless, she knew. "They give your Pokemon a second wind." Nemo answered Hei smugly, as she retrieved one such berry from her belt pouch with a free hand, and awkwardly presented it to the teacher; their position was becoming steadily more impeding. "But another rule of survival is to save your resources whenever you can; else you might use something that you'll need more later."

    Then came Ty, to interrupt whatever snarky response the teacher would pull out of her sleeve, but Nemo's gratitude was stopped dead in its tracks as she saw the Pokemon bundled in his arms and followed it with an offer of another Eevee. If those concepts weren't enough to shatter her fractured illusions of getting over it, he followed it by talking softly to the injured Eevee he carried in his spindly groomer arms. He clearly thought that she hadn't taken care of Krissy, that it was her fault she died, and he was mocking her with these offers, these honeyed words he spoke to the bundle of brown and cream. Anger didn't come; just a deep intake of chilled breath as she turned her head to the side and hid it behind Olivia's hair, clutching the shorter girl more tightly to he

    "No. Thank you. But no." Nemo spoke with ragged breath.
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