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    It might be a possibility, but it's something I absolutely do NOT want to see. I watched as voice acting played an obvious role in destroying the Elder Scrolls franchise and I really don't want to see it happen to Pokemon.

    There are two problems with voice acting - it's expensive and it uses up an enormous amount of memory. Every dollar, every hour and every megabyte that's used for voice acting is a dollar, an hour and a megabyte that can't be used for anything else, and the minor improvement to the game that voice acting brings doesn't even begin to make up for all the game content that has to be sacrificed to make room for it.

    And as has already been mentioned, depending on sound to convey information could be awkward-at-best with a handheld portable game. That would mean that many players would have to depend on subtitles anyway, which would make the voice acting entirely extraneous and ultimately a complete waste of time and resources. Instead of sacrificing other game content for little gain, it'd be sacrificing other game content for no gain at all.

    Particularly with the introduction of 3D graphics and all the time, budget and memory it's going to take to at least make a stab at doing them well (so that they actually look like 3D Pokemon rather than simply looking like painfully obvious meshes, like every single previous 3D Pokemon game), I really don't want to see GF diverting time, budget and memory into voice acting. They've already bitten off more than I'm confident that they can chew as it is.
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