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Originally Posted by Xeninacra View Post
That was my first thought when I heard a new Layton was being developed for 3DS "Will the puzzles be easier if 3D is enabled?", but, to be honest, I haven't found yet any puzzle which becomes easier if you have the 3D slider turned up. If you remember at least one, could you tell me? I'd like to try that, I'm really curious about it.
This isn't really spoilery since I don't give an answer but I know some people might not want to know anything so random puzzle goes under a spoiler, haha.
The first one I remember being glaringly obvious was about people standing in line at a store. There's a sign in the window covering them and you have to figure out how many there are. When the 3D was turned on, you could more easily make out limbs and individuals compared to the flat picture and it made it way easier.

Another one what was easier with 3D turned on was the ant walking across the pencils one. It was so much easier to see what was on top of what, compared to the traditional view where it was actually a bit challenging to make out what was where.

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