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Bofvar Blyr

“Well, my luscious ladies and Varian,” Bofvar said casually, his recently received mystery drink being raised in the air. “A job well done. It was a pleasure seeing your many talents being put to good use. That is of course lining my purse with silver and my belly with brew.” Taking a long stiff swig of whatever concoction he unknowingly asked for, Bofvar slammed the pewter stein back on the table with a solid thunk. It wasn’t the best thing he had ever put in his mouth, but then again, it was alcoholic in nature, so it hardly mattered. Reaching into his belt, he pulled out a small satchel that contained whatever coinage he had on his person. A modest sum as it stood, but a tally that would have been much higher had there been an absence of drink and dice in his life. With a somewhat distinct lack of subtlety, he pocketed his new pieces with the rest, counting them as he did so. He trusted Varian, it wasn’t that he didn’t. Bofvar just enjoyed the silver as it passed from purse to hand, the count going ever higher in his head. He had no plans for the silver, simply accumulating it was enough.

Satisfied for the moment, he turned his attention back to the others, minus one. Xeye had left the area, quite unceremoniously in fact. A bit naive that one proved to be. If people were making fun of you, walk up to ‘em and punch them in the nose. Then again, depending on the man, that might be considered a turn on. Even still, better than mockery. She would get over it eventually. Bofvar had no intention of getting involved. The less drama in his life the better. With a group full of women, that was easier said than done. The distinct gender imbalance did have quite a few advantages, however. View, being one of them. That Cass lass, a wild one she be. Ava, quite a special woman herself. Ravishing good looks that Bofvar would kill to inspect more closely. He would be lying to himself if he didn’t admit that he had a soft spot for that one.

“Cass, I might have to make some room in my schedule, but I think I could fit you in. Of course, I was hoping you might bring me to tears.” He twirled his finger about his beard, a lewd wink thrown in Cass’ direction as he reclined in his seat and propped his feet on the table. Another gulp of his stein and he had downed his swill in its entirety. “Barman!” Bofvar bellowed again, his spirits high from how the evening was going so far. “Bring me another of whatever in hell that was!”

“You want more of that?” The keeper asked almost suspiciously, his tone betraying disbelief.

“D-did I stutter?” He glared at him and threw the metallic container in his direction.

“You’re just the first to ask for more, is all.”

“What can I say, I like the way it burned going down. Reminded me of a two pence wench I once knew.” Again the tavern let out a raucous belly laugh. The joke containing just the right amount of crudeness for the average layperson here. The barkeep simply waved in acknowledgment and went off to prep another one. Satisfied that his liquor needs were being tended to, the group became the focal point of his attention once again.

“To answer your inquiry, Ava,” He turned and spoke to her, his manner of speaking just a tad more professional than when he spoke to any of the others. “Beyond this evening, I am as free as a morning bird. It would be a shame to break such a, a uh, beautiful partnership.” Bofvar let his tongue linger just the slightest bit longer on the word beautiful. “I’m here to become ridiculously wealthy, so I say we all do somethin’ worth doin’. What say the rest of you lot?”
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