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    Hello you all!

    Im Diszle and have been playing rom hacks for quite a while. Usually just the altered versions, in which you can get all available pokemon, or with adjusted movesets, etc.

    Now I am ready to do a little hacking of my own. The idea is to just alter pokemon Fire Red to some kind of new pokemon yellow. The idea is that my starter is going to be Pikachu, Gary's starter is going to be Eevee and during the game little events pop up in which I will receive the other three first gen starters. Changing the starters was no problem and I also found a script online which, supposedly, will make people give me the three first gen starters.

    But, XSE isnt working for me. When I want to open the program, so I can add the script, it immediately closes again. I just cant get it to work. Are there any other Scripting programs in which I can use the GivePokemon script? How can I make people give me random pokemon without XSE?

    I hope anyone has the answer.

    - I know that most people think yellow remakes are quite lame, but I always loved the game and its gonna be a personal hack, just to try things out!

    EDIT! Okay, so I figured I could do something similar with PKSVUI. I added a person event to Pallet Town, so I could check it quickly. I added the give pokemon script to this person, using the Space Finder. But now, I cannot talk to this person. If I face this person and click the A-button to start talking, the person does face me, but the conversation doesn't start.

    Here is my script: (got it from google)

    #dynamic 0x800800

    #org @start
    checkflag 0x1200
    if 0x1 goto @done
    msgbox @question 0x5
    compare LASTRESULT 0x1
    if 0x1 goto @givepokemon
    msgbox @nothanks 0x6

    #org @done
    msgbox @checkup 0x6

    #org @givepokemon
    msgbox @thanks 0x6
    givepokemon 0x01 0x5 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x0
    fanfare 0x13E
    msgbox @recieved 0x6
    setflag 0x1200
    msgbox @thanks2 0x6

    #org @question
    = Hey there!\pYou seem like a nice person!\nWould you like this Bulbasaur?

    #org @nothanks
    = Oh? That's to bad.\pCome back if you change your mind.

    #org @thanks
    = Oh! That's GREAT!\pHere you go!

    #org @thanks2
    = Thanks again! I think it will have\nmore fun with you than with me.

    #org @recieved
    = \v\h01 received a BULBASAUR!

    #org @checkup
    = How's that Bulbasaur doing?\nHopefully good.