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    I would much MUCH rather have good sprites than mediocre meshes.

    I've never gotten the fascination with pseudo-3D in games. To me, so obviously that I really don't get how anyone can miss it, mediocre 3D meshes aren't appealing at all. With the right shading and enough layers, sprites can easily fool the eye into treating them as 3D objects. But poorly designed meshes can't even begin to do that - sure, they're rendered in three dimensions, but what they are, much MUCH more obviously than anything else, is poorly designed 3D meshes. They never make that jump over to fooling the eye, since they're so obviously primitive and artificial.

    To me, it's like the difference between a painting of an apple and a baseball spray-painted red. Sure - the baseball is right there, rendered in three dimensions, but it STILL doesn't look like an apple - it just looks like a painfully bad copy. The painting might not actually BE an apple, but neither is the spray painted baseball, and at least the painting looks a helluva lot more like one.

    edit to note that I already responded to the thread this one was merged into, but since it's a sort of addition to my previous post, I'm going to just leave it...
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