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There's a full list of all the Pokemon currently obtainable in the game...
...I don't want to get in trouble for advertising, but...
Well, if a mod has an issue with my posting this, please feel free to remove it or ask me to do so- and I apologise.
Judging by your list, Lucario, looks like you haven't done half-bad, though!

Sounds like your weather is sketchy though, so that's interesting that the forecast changes and the weather doesn't. There is one rainy-week, and you might have gotten that, but the forecast should only change once a week...
You're onto something with that Elekid... I recently fixed up the Drifloon thing- there was indeed an error there.
Pichu is catchable if you can find it when it's on the same building you are, but it's a sneaky little thing...
Zubat is asdf. It's a gender differences thing, methinks.

But now that Gen 6 is coming I dunno what to do with this anymore...
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