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    Okay look guys. LOOK AT FRIKKIN THIS.

    It's a post from the Nuzlocke forums by a very smart person who goes by the nickname Urahara. I can't stop not buying this because NOTHING can stop me from buying this theory.

    Here's the post.

    Originally Posted by Urahara
    I have a crazy theory.

    I am willing to bet a decent amount that there will be a legendary squirrel, A legendary snake, and maybe a legendary tree pokemon this generation.

    Insofar, we've seen a legendary deer, and a legendary bird. They seem a little bit disjointed when compared to other cover legendaries, and they would be if you didn't know your norse mythology.

    Yggdrasil is the world tree, and on the world tree, there are several animals you can find. An eagle (or a rooster)roosting at the top, four deer walking along the branches eating the buds, A squirrel who scurries up and down the trunk, and a snake who bites at the roots.

    Kinda a loose correlation I know, but look at the deer. That thing has FOUR sets of antlers, a little bit coincidental, considering he has some unknown relationship with a bird that got him the cover page.

    (plus a snake could totes make a Z shape.)
    Aside from legendary tree. Try saying that out loud. A legendary tree Pokémon. FMITA but that sounds stupid.

    In your own Steven-y way.
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