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I will finish this by tomorrow, or the day after, I promise.

Name: Malcolm Marriott
Nickname: Face
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Specie: Snowman

Appearence: Malcolm is well-dressed and well-groomed. His appearance is one thing he really puts his mind into. As a result, he looks like quite the charmer (or at least he thinks he does), and some acquaintances have given him the nickname of "Face" as a result. He looks as 'clean-cut' as he can, and thanks to his hard work you will not see a zist ot some hair out of place in his face.

Personality: (What's your personality?)
History: (What is your history before you entered Youkai academy? Note: Some Youkai's amight have already lived in the human world.)
Weakness: Physical heat is not the only kind of heat Malcolm is vulnerable to. Emotional heat is his 'kryptonite' as well, as he will lose control, which could lead to his demise if his foe plays his cards right.
Other: (Anything else we should know?)
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