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Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
But that was an entirely different game, in which catching them all wasn't the main goal. The purpose of random encounters in the main game is the fact that you have no idea which Pokemon will come out of the grass/cave/water for you to catch for your collection. That's why they have a rarity ratio in each location. Besides, with the existence of repels and the introduction of asking you if you want to use another one is what helps the annoyance.
But it was an non-random-encounter sort of pokemon game, so it was hopeful that they might of done the same for this game. D= Still, there's still no reason that this sort of style can play onto the rarity of pokemon; I dunno, the could of set it so that there is still a 'chance' that you might encounter a rare pokemon, or even a shiny pokemon. Eh.

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