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Today in my Fundamentals of Game Design class, the topic on almost everyone's mind was Pokemon XY. The thing is, some people haven't played Pokemon in a very long time due to not having a DS, or even a GBA. But oddly enough, after being shown the trailer, some of my colleagues said: "I'd get this if I had a 3DS...actually, I'll probably get a 3DS for this game!"

So I really don't think this advancement will stifle the series in any way. Besides, imagine that Game Freak decided to skip the 3DS completely and wait for whatever handheld Nintendo created after that. What would the argument be then? That not everyone has one, and that not everyone can afford one? Then they might as well just stop making games then! Sadly, video games are expensive regardless of platform--PCs aren't always cheap (especially not the high-end ones), mobile devices and tablets are pricey, and then traditional video game games are always an investment. As sad as it may seem, developers should not feel like they need to keep themselves behind just because everyone isn't able to keep up with the new and changing technology.

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