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Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
A more traditional Orca and Dolphin Pokemon, maybe even together in one evolution line. OP's Owl Pokemon would be cool too, maybe a Noctowl evolution?
I agree. I think a snow owl would be awesome! I've thought of so many ideas for one and it'd look so cool. Noctowl desparately needs the help too, being a mediocre Pokemon. Unfortunately, in the competitive areas, the snow owl would be thrown away b/c stealth rock ): But, I still think the snow owl must come out.

I also had an idea of a horse pokemon based off the idea of "Horsedrive" from cars that's part electric w/ motr drive ability. No, not like a Zebstrika remake, but like a really cool horse (maybe part fire).

I think we are also kind of lacking in the ghost department. So, I think this generation shuld give way to a few more of them.

Lastly, I'm looking fr a Mightyena evolution. It would automatically make that line one of my favorites. Unfortunately, chances are slim, but any good dark type would be appreciated (since that's my favorite type).

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