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You guys are just jelly that you couldn't make a game like them <3 primarily because of copyright issues but whatever.

I think it's fine! I suppose that at the higher graphics, the smooth skin would look odd, and would be a sudden jump from the previous games. I think it's fine to move on, but just steadily. Revamping the series will make it lose that feel it originally had.

Though I will say there is something off about the painfully thin-looking OW sprites. I'm used to Chubby McChubchubs, I'll just get used to it I guess.

Originally Posted by Barker View Post
Of course this is announced within a month of me selling my 3DS..

Very excited about the move to 3D.. not so crazy about how it looks though. Hopefully they'll improve things in that regard.

And not to be "that guy", but I suppose this is where hacking ends?
For the poor people, at least.

If you want to hack anything above Gen 3, you'll have to 1) steal Nintendo's gizmos, and then 2) buy one or two things at a total of $5000.

So it hasn't ended, it's just an "elite" sport now.

And even if, it wouldn't end. We haven't exhausted the good Gen 3 hacks yet! We can work on that for years to come. We still haven't figured out most things (eg character animations) so there's no sense in rushing forward!
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