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Tamor Bellfiend
Oculus Tower
Theme Song: Never Let Me Go

Yet another tortuous day, another day she felt alone, another day of regret, another of day not being good enough. Tamor tears blurred her vision; her fingers grasped the edges of her hood to block out the sunlight that warmed her face. She felt better in the darkness it left her alone, a place where no one could see her cry. Thousands of miles away and the pain she felt still throbbed it let her know she wasn’t dead but why was she alive? Her mother had barely heard her when she told her about her forthcoming absence. Anyine, her mother, motioned hands in her direction, which she came to learn meant I’m busy, go away. A burden, a waste, she wasn’t anything more than a placeholder until the perfect children came around. Another sniffle escaped, Tamor knew how pathetic she was right now, what an embarrassment she had become. She was twenty-seven years old and still craved her mother’s and father’s affection.

Weight fell upon her shoulder then a nudge against her face that interrupted the continuous stream of tears that cascaded down her flushed cheeks. Each of her fingers came to meet a head full of feathers, which slipped through them as the head rose up. Tamor daringly let herself smile for the first time in a longer time while looking at the avian on her shoulder. Its multicolored feather was smoothed down except for the patch where Tamor’s fingers met its head. Their matching golden yellow eyes met for a brief moment before one took off into the bright, blue sky and other leaned their head into their right hand. A wish was made soon after to follow the flight of the bird and never look back at the wretched land. Luckily she was at sea but the sea made her queasy it churned her stomach contents even if there was barely any to begin with. Even after her wish to Tella there she still sat on the deck of a ship that had been traveling for about two hours now.

Raelus was so far away from where she was going that was the best bit of information she had gotten. In fact it was really all the information she had been given in the crypt letter. Her skeptical eyes had scanned on every letter and spacing before she regarded it as fact instead of fiction. There were others like her, Knights of Ekilore, quite a funny name to call themselves. Tamor took a moment as her stomach lunged forward upon a sudden stop that came to the watercraft she was on. The open water was never as pretty as she had heard it described. It was the devil’s/Dabel's water and only wanted to swallow her down into its dirty, murky depths. The way she tighten her clothing came as a form of protection, if she kept them close no one would touch her not even the sea. Then again, she wondered if someone would dare to take a second look at her if it wasn’t to gawk. The features she inherited from her parents clashed with each other, Dwarves and Elves were never meant to mate. Tella and Thordian were cruel deities to allow her birth and those like it to come into existence.

With a few carefully planned out steps Tamor slowly made her toward the dock where she would then move forward to Ekilore's inner area or so was the plan. The breeze brushed against her robes, which made her hood flew up almost as if it knew she now needed to conceal her face. She closed her eyes as tried to soak in the warmness; Ekilore was in a questionable area she had heard little about the temperatures here. A squawking came from above that shattered her thoughts and in turn forced her to make hesitated steps in an eastern direction toward her so-called destiny.

Before long she stumbled onto the white-colored stone Tower that she was apparently to wait outside of grand doorway. It was made of iron most likely by dwarves her father would’ve been able to give better details such as how it was crafted, where it was crafted, and possibly even who even crafted it. Failure is the only title she had earned by his standards his newest child was better than her at weaponry and he was seven. A sudden unexpected clasped to her shoulders caused her to flinch in pain she would never get used to the talons that dug into her shoulders and robes. Not only did it damaged her robes with small holes that were scattered along the area of material that laid on her either of her shoulders they had even punctured her skin. The marks remind her that she needed not to self-harm because she had a companion to do that for her.

A chubby man revealed himself as the doors opened she couldn’t see passed him into this mysterious tower. Could one be considered or even called a man with what was done to him? Did Fortis and Makara wished this on their creation? Did they approve of these methods? Praise Tella she hadn’t the required genitalia that her appearance needed to be fully accurate. Some guessed she was male like the ship’s captain others were more observant of her movements and mannerisms thus called her a female she corrected neither.

“You are the last to arrive,” Tamor’s spirit instantly failed, now everyone would stare at her as she walked in. They would place the blame on her for their delayed announcement; they would’ve started soon if she had arrived earlier.

She mumbled her apologies before she stepped in the building as well as asked to be blessed by Tella for a sacred form of protection. Her eyes lit up as she surveyed her new surroundings she heard the echo of their synced steps it was a rather huge place. The vibration rattled through her bones as the man had shaken her himself she had forgotten what his kind was called. She knew what this placed was called Astrum, one the greatest libraries in all of Aerion. Tamor liked to read books about Divine Magic in her spare time, time that was meant for the practice of the Divine Arts. She had uncovered that one of the most detailed book about Divine Magic made its home in the Astrum Library in Oculus Tower where she was currently located. The art on the walls was absolutely stunning much better than the stick figures she used to draw in the mountain dirt. If she could take them with her back to her personal hell as known as home she would given the chance. They might brighten up her rather bleak walls and life in general.

Rather than giving her time to absorb all the material around her the heavyset man strolled forward without stopping. Tamor caught up with him as they loaded on to a sturdy metal platform, sturdy enough that the others before her hadn’t died. Her fingers latched onto the railings as she glanced at the man who put his hand onto the lever. Tamor’s easily upset stomach wasn’t prepared for the lift after her little sea ride. She adjusted her hood with a yank she wanted to avoid any scenery that she would’ve saw as it would’ve just aggravated her motion sickness.

“Careful dear, hold on to railings if you’d like,” His voice was deeper than she remembered as if he had somehow changed it on the way to the steps.

Perhaps she too could alter her voice to sound like his. Under her breath she let a few words slip out as she tried to test out her theory but she knew it wouldn’t work. Just like magic, you’d think with a dwarf father she would have plenty or almost an overwhelming amount of testosterone. Tamor had almost forgotten about the bird perched on her shoulder but soon pread its wings and took off into the foreseen darkness that loomed above them. Overall it was a brownish-golden color with white that spread from the beak especially as it went down in a line that opened up the farther it expanded downward. Some of its chest feathers were brown at the tipped but mostly white some more golden in color. Indeed a beautiful sight but one that couldn’t hold a match to one of those murals.

“We are almost there, my darling watch your steps as we go up. You may hold onto my clothing if you’d like!” His concern for her well being signaled that he felt she was weak, weaker than the rest.

The platform shuddered to a stop, the overweight man waited for Tamor to be right behind him before he took off up toward a smaller version of the first door she previously went through. As a last minute safety precaution she sprung her arm outward, which caused it to make a sudden pop, her fingers clung to the material like it clung to the man’s body. Tamor swore she saw a smile flash in her directions but her hood blocked most of her vision. As the door opened Tamor’s eyes did the opposite if she had known the marvelous sight she was missing she might have bothered to taken a look. When she convinced herself that they were up the stairs her eyes fluttered opened and she blinked a few times before her vision focused. The weight burden once again appeared on her shoulder she had almost forgotten he had taken off; she assumed it was a he. One last time the man opened the door for her and one last time she lowered her mage's hood in order to obscure anyone’s vision of her features.

A shriek of words reached her ears, it seemed like she had just arrived right after the person who spoke them. Something was off with that voice it sounded like her voice, well, the male pretending voice. It was obvious that a female no matter how hard they tried could never sound exactly like a man. Though, perhaps it was just a man who spoke with a higher voice yet tried to keep it deep. She was no expert on the matter and at this moment in time she couldn’t risk further investigating the matter so she shoved it to the back of her mind.

One of the men caught her attention right away as his hood was raised in a similar manner like her; clearly they both had something to hid. His robes were much more in order than hers then she noticed he stood alone while the two others stood together, they knew each other. Tamor lifted her head up enough that she could she their faces that in turn gave them a quick glance her. Their armor didn’t seem to have much ware could they’ve never set foot in battle? Would her inexperience in combat be the downfall of this group? Their was an elven female whom she wasn't sure how to judge so she decided to wait until later. Her avian friend flew from her shoulder in the air and made several caws somehow as if it knew she wanted the attention off her even if it was only for a moment. As it made its way back to her shoulder the movement of her fingers on its chest seemed to have brought great pleasure to the hawk.

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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