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Originally Posted by Barker View Post
Of course this is announced within a month of me selling my 3DS..

Very excited about the move to 3D.. not so crazy about how it looks though. Hopefully they'll improve things in that regard.

And not to be "that guy", but I suppose this is where hacking ends?
As someone in another thread said, if people have managed to hack the Wii, I'm sure it's a matter of time before they hack the 3DS too.

Originally Posted by Kizerzin View Post
Something random I noticed the titles seem to reference the transition to 3D and genetics at the same time with X (The X Chromosome or the X horizontal plane) and Y (Y chromosome and the Y Vertical Plane). The Legendaries further the reference to 3D with the Y Legendary being Airborne (Vertical) and the X Legendary being Landlocked (Horizontal). Now we just need a Z third version and the 3D references will be complete.
That's an interesting thought and actually makes a lot of sense.