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Originally Posted by donavannj View Post
The only reason I can see in favor of excusing the poor graphics is the sheer mass of data required in a Pokemon game, as well as it being a completely connected overworld with no loading times between areas. If there were loading times between areas, I would be appalled and it would be a massive change from past Pokemon games.
No way. 3DS cartridges have a maximum capacity of 4GB. Take a look at Resident Evil Revelations. It's a 4GB 3DS game, amazing and (allow me to say) flawless graphics. And the online works perfectly btw.

And of course the world won't be connected. In fact, it's never been. You just don't notice because when you're going on a different route you walk inside this:

And with this 3D game we might even have load times between routes (unlike current games).

Originally Posted by donavannj View Post
That and GameFreak isn't exactly known for maximizing the graphics potential of a system, especially on their first release for a system.
I agree with that, but they should stop doing that.

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