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"Val..." Mark simply said. He noticed the tear stains on her face. Wow she was upset... he was trying to come up with something to say... She did smile toward him though. Mark figured she'd be upset but something about that smile said that things would be alright. Still, Mark wanted to at least speak with her... the one man that was with them mentioned taking Valorie to a hospital. Did Mark really cause that much harm? Just for winning one battle? He felt more worse then before! It may have been to make sure she was ok but Val really had it rough out here.


What was he supposed to say? Apologizing wasn't right because he just simply battled like every other trainer. Valorie just took it really hard... but he didn't want to go off and criticize her... but he ended up doing it anyways.

"I..I'm sorry about all this Val. I didn't intend for any of this to happen..." Mark said to her. Dragonite looked like he was about to fly off and follow the other man. Val probably did need some bed rest... maybe he could properly talk with her then. It was sort of embarrassing in front of all of these people. It depended if Valorie was going to stick around a little longer. Mark would follow her either way.

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