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    Originally Posted by Eeveon View Post
    To the extent of voice acting, I wouldn't mind something like what they did in Roxie and Elesa's gyms, as well as the singing NPC in Black/White/Black2/White2. Maybe they could have something like when there's a large crowd or gathering of NPC's where you can hear some jibberish of sorts to make it sound like they're talking. Or when you see two NPC's or main characters facing each other, they could do the same thing, and the further away you go the quieter it gets until you can't hear it at all - kind of like what they did with the instrument-playing NPC's.

    Also, they could probably voice Yes/No for any yes/no questions, or like when someone's frustrated or something, you could hear them making a little "Hmph" sound? That'd be pretty neat, imo, but not all-out complete voice acting.
    Squirtle agrees! Like, if you've ever played any of the Mario RPGs when the characters talk they say one word or mumble something like "uhnfvhuhuhufsdu"

    (OOC: Whenever I read something, like a book or read dialog in a game, I always read a "character" voice..and I've noticed most of them come out the same xD)
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