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    Draca threw the books' bag under the bed too.Argo,with some ninja moves got next to the bag.The three pokemon opened the leather bag all at the same time.The food bag.Draca slided to the fridge,Fira jumped to next to the bag,and Argo was between them.Draca opened the fridge with her tail.Fira picked up one sack of food,tossed it to Argo,which toss it to Draca,which put it in the fridge.They kept doing this until the bag was empty.The three put the bag under the bed,pushing it.Then the three put in position to the last bag remaining-the Miscellaneous bag.While the devil blinks an eye,Fira jumped forward and opened the bag,tossed a bunch of papers(the school stuff,stationery,stuff like that)to Draca,who jumped up and landed on top of the bedside table,and put them in the bottom drawer.Then Fira tossed a bunch of keys to the air,Argo jumped and used Pound on them,launching them to a little nail on the wall.Fira finally took the last thing out-the School Schedule.Draca jumped on top of Fira's nose,which catapulted Draca to the top of the closet.Draca picked up four nails of the box and launched them.(Now,imagine this all in Matrix style-the pokemon are in normal speed,and everything else is in slow-mo.)Fira jumped to the top of one chair,holding the schedule in her left.Draca jumped from top of the closet to the top of the chair next to the chair Fira was on,helping the Charmander hold the schedule.On the middle of the air,Argo grabbed the nails and threw them to the piece of paper the two other pokemon were holding on the wall.The nails cut the air and finally,hit the paper holding it to the wall.Argo pounded the nails with his tail(Pound) securing them.The three pokemon jumped and landed just in front of their trainer,who was aplauding."Awesome work fellas!",he affirmed.

    ((Does this count as training?If yes,+1 for all the pokemon please.))
    Draca-Lvl 20?
    Fira-Lvl 20?
    Argo-Lvl 15?

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