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    Originally Posted by Deokishisu View Post
    It wasn't a tech issue, it was a translation issue. They've showed us that they're okay with breaking compatibility before which makes me think they won't hesitate to do it again.

    Honestly, I'd be okay with it. With the way the metagame is now with the current IV and EV system, very few Pokemon can survive an assault for more than three turns. I wouldn't mind if a new system let us bulk up Pokemon a bit more. I don't want GSC stall, but it shouldn't be "whoever hits hardest and fastest" wins. A new system which slows down the metagame would be super welcome from me.

    I left my GSC Pokemon behind, I can leave these behind too. (Though I was hoping to migrate my Sapphire Pokemon up into a Sapphire remake. Oh well!)
    Well If I can't transfer my 400+ Pokemon from Black to Pokemon Y Version then I'll throw Bricks at Game Freak
    Plus if we can't Migrate that will Ultimately Confirm
    RGBY Remakes for 3DS
    GSC Remakes for 3DS
    RSE Remakes for 3DS
    DPPt Remakes for 3DS
    and BW/BW2 Remakes for 3DS

    And they Won't do that So its Not Happening We Will be Able to Migrate our Pokemon Atleast for A Few More Generations atleast

    I Can't Bear to leave my Awesome Pokemon Behind I Have too Many of them

    and Plus too many fans would rage and Game Freak would have to release an Update to allow us to Transfer our Pokemon
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