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    Originally Posted by Wiilio View Post
    So put the GBC game into one GBA, and put the GBA game into another GBA, and link them with a GBA cable. Unless the GBA cables didn't work with GBC games, and I'm pretty sure they did.
    GBA cables didn't work with GBC games, because GBA and GBC had different communication protocols (basically, they didn't send the same signals to sync up the connection, send and receive data, make sure the other party is still connected etc) . The reason why GBA could use GBC cables when it had a GBC cart in it was that GBA basically had a built-in GBC, complete with a second processor and everything. The built-in GBC had the means to know it was running on a GBA (hence the bonus stores in Zelda Oracle games when the game was played on a GBA) and could use the triggers to resize the screen, but other than that it could only behave as a regular GBC and could not use any of the GBA features (including the GBA's communication protocol).

    Anyways, I am one of those who doubt the EV/IV system will be revamped. I just don't see the reason why they would do that. I bet they'll release a 3DS app that retrieves Pokémon from Gen 5 and puts them on Gen 6.

    EDIT: Besides, and that's the programmer in me speaking, if they technically have the means to transfer Pokémon from one Gen to the other, even if they revamp the EV/IV system, nothing prevents them from reading a Gen 5 Pokémon, converting its EVs/IVs, recalculating its stats and, if the Pokémon is egregiously hacked, reset the stats to average (or weak) values as a punishment. They have the means: the Dream Radar app proves that 3DS apps can interact with DS games and alter saves, and I bet they can do the same with 3DS games.
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