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Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
Sorry, what? I've played both, and it does go from walking around movement type screens to battle type screens. When selecting moves to use, you see a camera panning in helicopter style above the entire field, then when attacks and other moves are made, it centers on each Pokémon in turn of the four (or less) out.

I disliked the fact that wild Pokémon did not exist in Orre, so training was impossible and you had to plan carefully. At least until Mt. Battle, and you could attack that over and over gaining experience.

Sorry that's what I was asking since I dunno how it wouldn't lag. Seems pretty streamlined to me. I'm guessing the camera will also add a lot of dynamism to the battles on the 3DS though I wonder how the UI might look. Think it'll be popup/popdown or do you think the menus will be floating?
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