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Time for the first update on my Ground UMC! Right now I'm moving on to the next two gyms in HeartGold. For the teams, I'm going to put my HM slaves ad Pokemon I just haven't bothered boxing yet as faded out sprites. I've gotten a lot done, and I'm just ready to keep on moving along!

- Chose Bulbasaur as my starter
- Delivered Oak's parcel
- Went through Viridian Forest to Pewter City
- Defeated Brock
- Caught Geodude in Mt. Moon
- Trained Geodude while searching for NidoranM
- Caught NidoranM
- Went through Mt. Moon
- NidoranM evolved into Nidorino
- Caught Sandshrew
- Arrived in Cerulean City
- Defeated my rival
- Evolved Nidorino on Route 24
- Evolved Sandshrew on Route 25
- Saved Bill and got the S.S. Ticket
- Defeated Misty

Geodude / lv23 / Tackle, Magnitude, Mud Sport, Rock Throw
Nidoking / lv24 / Horn Attack, Peck, Thrash, Double Kick
Sandslash / lv23 / Scratch, Defense Curl, Sand-Attack, Poison Sting

- Chose Chikorita as my starter
- Did the Mr. Pokemon quest
- Caught Geodude
- Traveled to Violet City
- Went through Sprout Tower
- Defeated Falkner
- Got HM06 Rock Smash
- Caught Wooper
- Caught Onix
- Traveled through Union Cave to Azalea Town
- Defeated Team Rocket at the Slowpoke Well
- Defeated Bugsy

Geodude / lv18 / Tackle, Rock Throw, Magnitude, Rock Polish
Wooper / lv18 / Water Gun, Slam, Mud Sport, Mud Shot
Onix / lv18 / Tackle, Rock Tomb, Bind, Rock Throw

- Chose Mudkip as my starter
- Defeated May
- Traveled to Petalburg City
- Traveled through Petalburg Woods to Rustboro City
- Got HM01 Cut
- Defeated Roxanne
- Mudkip evolved into Marshtomp

Marshtomp / lv16 / Tackle, Mud Shot, Mud-Slap, Water Gun

- Chose Turtwig as my starter
- Defeated Barry
- Traveled to Jubilife City and got the Poketch
- Defeated Barry
- Traveled to Orburgh City
- Got HM06 Rock Smash
- Defeated Roark

Turtwig / lv17 / Tackle, Withdraw, Absorb, Razor Leaf

- Chose Snivy as my starter
- Defeated Bianca and Cheren
- Traveled to Accumula Town
- Defeated N
- Defeated Biance
- Traveled to Straiton City
- Went to the Dreamyard to get Panpour so I wouldn't have to waste my time grinding for Chili
- Defeated Cheren
- Defeated Chili


Pokemon LeafGreen Version
Pokemon HeartGold Version
Pokemon Ruby Version
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Pokemon Black Version

Type: Ground
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