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Ground monotype challenge SINNOH UPDATE#2

Went down cycling road
Went into wayward cave
CAUGHT GIBLE party member #4
Called it hades
Dawn have me the vs seeker
Went through mount coronet
Did some training
Hades evolved into Gabite
Beat hearthome gym on the 3rd try
Big G evolved into Graveler

Team Quake2:

Grotle (Twiggy) Lv. 26
Razor leaf

Graveler (Big G) Lv. 25
Rock smash
Rock blast

Shellos (Aegis) Lv. 25
Hidden power (Grass)
Rain dance
Water pulse
Mud bomb

Gabite (Hades) Lv. 25
Dragon rage
Shadow claw
Take down
Sand tomb

Progress: 3/8
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