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    He started acts like how people act when they quit. Months of silence, only says "I'm still working on it." when they come, months of silence again, the cycle continue. Then start excuses like, "My computer died", "I don't have internet right now", "Someone died in my family"... and then months become years. And after those years, there are different possibilities.
    1. They try to return, but quit again only days after.
    2. They quits forever, but will never say about it.
    3. They delete everithing, acting like they never did anything.
    4. After years of lies, they finally admit and say it.

    Do I have to remind you of all the things on the net that were never and will never be finished ? The creators allways do that when they quit.
    They start as an enjoyement, but it seems it become a drudgery with time.

    Mark my words, at least 90% of big projects like that are never finished.
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