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I wasn't in the least bit surprised that this didn't end up being Hoenn remakes - that's what I had come to expect anyway. And, if anything, I'm relieved.

The thing is - Pokemon had to make the switch to the 3DS. There was no way they could not do that. Switching to a new platform creates a bunch of new opportunities AND a bunch of new problems. It's pretty much guaranteed that the first game(s) on the new platform are going to have at least some problems, and it's likely that they'll be a bit short on content, since GF is going to have to invest much more time and resources than usual into bug-squashing and is going to have that much less time and resources left over for extensive gameplay elements. There's just really no way around that.

It wouldn't do anybody any good - either GF or the fans - if they pushed out RSE remakes as the first titles on the 3DS. They have to get something out just to get a feel for the platform, and the obvious thing to do is a new generation of main series games. THEN, in whatever order, they can do the third (or third and fourth, or whatever) versions of those games AND the long awaited, much anticipated and absolutely guaranteed to be immensely profitable Hoenn remakes.

TL-DR? Chill.