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    Kotowa Yamada - Confusion

    Koto looked through narrowed eyes. They weren't charging at him. They weren't screaming bloody murder. In fact, they seemed to be unfazed by his presence. The only answer that came to mind seemed much too crazy. But perhaps... We're these three not one of Them? Even though they were spirit-people? It seemed impossible. It was impossible. The spirit-people were trying to kill him. Yet these spirit people somehow seemed nowhere near as angry. Then Koto did hear yelling. His head snapped up, and he crouched slightly, fear filling his eyes. No. The little girl was yelling at the bigger one. But the bigger one was different. Koto felt the hair on the back of his neck rise. The voice of the new person... It was unnatural. Like nothing that should exist. Koto crept closer, curiosity pushing him farther than fear would hold him back. He cocked his head. They seemed to be talking about something. Koto stopped. These people weren't mean! Were they? Could Koto walk up to them without them trying to kill him? Maybe... Koto moved around, starting to circle the group, although he was still a fair distance away. He could barely overhear their discussion, but he heard the hostility towards the intruder. Maybe they just were too busy trying to kill them to focus on Koto? That had to be it! They wouldn't let him get away after killing... He had lost count how many spirit-people... Koto decided to wait where he was. If they did decide to go after him, he was far enough to run.



    Aria nodded as Makoto recited the message that Spark had for them. Spark followed soon after, saying a once-again saddening farewell.

    "Farewell, friend. May your blade stay sharp, and the wind be always at your back. Be safe, Spark." Aria said to the receding form of her one true friend. She then turned to James and Makoto.

    "So, shall we be going? James, I'm sure you remember where to, so could you take the lead while I discuss it with Makoto?" Aria asked. She took no time to come even with Makoto's stride.

    "Alright, Makoto. What we're going to do is go to the place that I grew up at. It isn't too far. We can then stay there, and you can do whatever you want to, with a few limitations of course. Do you understand?" Aria took a breath after explaining. She was getting good at this. Oh, how she remembered the way she had left home... Armed with a kitchen knife and her wits. It seemed like yesterday that she had met Spark and her brother...

    The things that I wouldn't have experienced had I stayed. I wouldn't have met you, Blaze. I wouldn't have friends. It would just be me. And eventually, I would have died. Just like that. Thank you. She said mentally. She felt both Eve and Blaze nod, although she sensed some deeper feelings coming from Eve. Aria comforted Eve with soft words. There was nothing to fear, she said. They'd be fine as long as they stuck together.
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