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    Yeah, plus I'm sure if they ever get to the remakes that it would look absolutely stunning by that point since they would have played around with the 3DS for a while to be able to make it look really good.

    I mean just look at Gen IV for an example, comparing the graphics from D/P to HG/SS. HG/SS looked much better IMO, so if remakes are potentially to come later in the generation then it would look even better. I wasn't even sure of how to react imagining running around Hoenn in full 3D like this, but it will just make it look even more beautiful. It'll allow us to look at Hoenn from a different perspective.

    Either way, I haven't really thought of these much since Z and Y were revealed. I'm just really excited for X and Y now. Once they are out and finished with is when I will probably start getting back into thinking about the remakes, there is really no point now because the EARLIEST we will see them is 2014 (though, I think 2015 is a better estimate). They aren't coming this year though, to those who were saying that. That's a pretty absurd statement.