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I like your new stuff and your new sig, too. Man, I think I just like your style a lot overall. :3 I'll definitely stay tuned to whatever you've got.

I don't know if I used bottom heavy correctly. XD; I meant the legs, though, but I think you get the idea. As for drawing people of different sizes, hey, that's a good thing. For some people, it's hard to break out of a certain mold, despite the fact that not all people look the same. It's admittingly one of the few things I don't think anime style broadcasts very well (though I suppose I blame that either on the originators or the way beauty is perceived in Japan? And I mean beauty in the very general sense).

Why do I always treat everyone's thread like a conversation? Probably because I love the A & D section. Too much good stuff.

*notices "rarely Pokemon" in sig* Yeah, someone needs to change that. :3 I don't want to be that guy (but I will), come on dudes. Save me from myself. This is just a silly way of saying I don't like making requests but poop, it's not easy to fight sometimes.

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