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Ya, unfortunately this season is pretty bad =_=

While I have a few guilty pleasures littered about (D.C.III, Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited, Haganai 2, Vanguard), they probably won't be anything particularly special.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha should prove amusing so long they don't make the rest of the show about boobs.
Hot Pants the anime AKA Vividred Operation is an original, so there's a bit of hope in there.
If you're into Otome Game anime, there's Amnesia, which as the premise suggests could be interesting depending on execution.
Tamako Market is Kyoto Animation's project for this season. Personally, I'm expecting more of the same.
[email protected] seems to have an interesting premise (Also the only SHAFT show this season).
Love Live is an idol anime. As per a large main cast, how good you think the show is will probably depend on how much you like the characters and if said characters get screen time.
Fanservice-wise, there's Senran Kagura, both will probably be more action-oriented service.
Mondaiji seems like it'll be more of a personality/costume-based fanservice, but still looks promising maybe? I'd have to watch the first ep to get a better idea of what's going on there.

For my Guity Pleasures
If you're a fan of the Zettai Karen Children series, ZKC: The Unlimited takes the story into Hyoubu Kyousuke's side in his own story.
Da Capo III is a pretty generic dating sim. It's a classic title, but I wouldn't suggest watching it if you're not into galge shows.
And the others are sequels.