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Alright, I'll break character for a moment. With the reveal of X and Y, I'd actually be interested in seeing an R/S remake. Don't gasp too hard, now.

I mean, Generation 3 is where I stopped playing the trainer games, but it had nothing to do with the games themselves. I really loved the 3rd generation of Pokemon, and I thought Houen was a really cool region. I just burnt out, is all. But to see my favorite region again in 3D would at least make for interesting video watchin'. Hopefully they polish up the polygons, though. Yeesh.

I still think endless remakes and sequels are at best a seedy money grab, but I dunno. I wouldn't even want to see Kanto/Johto in 3D. But there's something about Houen that has a lot of potential to me. Unless X/Y covers a lot of the same environmental territory, then I guess that's that.

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