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Originally Posted by dreamengine View Post
I am very, what's the word, attracted to this hack because of the tiles, the features implemented by JPAN's hacked engine and all of it. I really like the idea of Eevee as a starter because you have so many different evolution options. :D

The alpha was fun to play, but a bit short. Everything moved really quickly. What did bother me was the oversized, and undersized backsprites. Ex: Nidoran F. May I recommend using Chaos Rush's sprite resource? Other than that well done :D
Thanks! Yeah, I got lazy with some sprites (since I replaced all of them) and just threw in some sprites here and there. But since I got my first mini beta out the way, I am going back and update my hack with the new things that I am now learning. For example, updating my scripts to be more cleaner and nicer (now that I'm a better scripter from when I first started), adding more OW tiles to present my maps more nicely, and by adding more features. After I finish with the "revamp" of my first workings, I am going to start tackling the sprite department of the hack. I'm going to try to implement new OWs, sprites, and such.

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