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    Name: (First, middle, last.) Altair Elice Abrosia
    Nickname: (Possible nickname.) Ally
    Gender: (Male or Female.) Male, though he doesn't know for certain and believes he is a girl
    Age: (14-20) 14
    Specie: (Note that there are gender restrictions on a few Youkai.) Neko

    Appearence: (A picture is allowed too, If you're gonna write it please make it acceptable)

    He is fairly short for his age and very skinny. He has raven black hair that is very short and slinky, and is always soft to the touch. He has a goofy look on his face, which is mainly human save for the black cat ears on top of his head, each one tipped with white. His skin is also soft to the touch, and if he licks you, which he tends to do, you'll find he has a sand papery tongue. Otherwise he looks mostly like a human child of twelve, save for the black furred tail peeking out from under his shirt, or dress depending. Hehas razor sharp claws that he can extend and retract in each finger, making him dangerous should he ever fight.

    As for clothing, he is actually fairly normal, wearing jeans and a shirt. He is also seen in a dress a few days a week, depending on his mood. He favors the subtler, softer blues and greens, usually dark in color. On occasion, he wears black and white, because it looks good on him. He sports a pair of dirty running shoes.

    Personality: (What's your personality?)

    Ally is a ver mild person. He believes that he is a girl, and calls himself one. And with his soft features he usually fool everyone. He is kind enough, however, often seen in the back of the room hiding. He is quite curious, and you will see his naïve and xplorative demeanor is he is alone or with close friends. He is mainly looking for his twin sister.

    He is absolutely terrified of canines, so be careful with him if you are one. He can smell it easily, and will avoid you, or even outright run is he has to. He tends to have very little interaction with people, and can't even read or write his own name. Things like light switches and dorrknobs are a mystery as well. But the outside he knows very well. He can always find food or herbs, and is skilled at figuring out what herbs or food will make a person healthy.

    History: (What is your history before you entered Youkai academy? Note: Some Youkai's amight have already lived in the human world.)

    Ally was born in a small city. His parents were stoners, and they lost track of whether he was Altair, or Altina, his twin sister who was a white furred Neko with black tail tip and ear tips. Either way he was called Ally. For the first few years of his life things were good, until a Werewolf began hunting him and his family. The rest of them disappeared, probably eaten, but he ran, along with his sister. They almost got away too, but a bridge they had been crossing broke. She fell and was able to climb up one side, and he was forced to climb up the other side. Soon he was faced down by the werewolf, who attacked him. He managed to claw it's eyes and escape but he developed a severe phobia of canines. He lived in the wild after that, learning to take care of himself, nearly dying several times, but he always made it.

    One day he was fgound by a teacher at Youkai Academy and he was offered a place to live and learn. Naturally, he jumped on the chance, seeking a way to find the sibling he had lost so long ago. He only just arrived with a few clothes and no belongings, his curiosity over coming his fear.

    Weakness: (This might only be filled by the Youkai who's weakness depends on the person, everyone has a weakness.

    He is stumped by modern technology, a fairly major weakness. It could be as simple as a closed door or as complex as a safe, he is stumped by it.

    Other: (Anything else we should know?)
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