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I've really been fine with the past rivals, and don't really care. But something I would find interesting would be having a story involving two childhood friends, like Black and White, but one has kind of "gone bad." So what I'm thinking is having a friend who starts with you on your journey, and you both head off, and at some point in the game, you meet your other rival. This rival is really mean, and for some reason, he hates you and challenges you to a battle, etc. I was thinking that you and the rival were friends since childhood, but something happened to your rival, and he blames you for it. At first you don't know him, but one time you meet him with your childhood friend, and the revelation occurs. And along the journey you bring him back to his normal self or something.

So yeah, mines is a bit too detailed, but basically I would like a mix of a mean rival and a friend.
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