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Hailey, Arcea, Tim, Aiden & Anonymous Gabite Wielder #1 - Eterna City Ruins ~ Outskirts

"What do you say we get going? We've got more people to take care of." Hailey suggested, trying to spin things positively so Tim would keep supporting her until he was no longer useful. She directed his attention vaguely towards Jubilife City.

Aiden was pretty dumbfounded at Hailey's nonchalant attitude. She just leveled an entire city! Although Arcea stopped to watch the decimation, too, she promptly went back to loving her new toy. She even went to carrying him like a stuffed animal as she followed Hailey. Something was seriously wrong with these girls. One's a dominatrix and the other's a cuddle monster. Run while you have the chance, Tim! You just be glad Arcea doesn't tend to eat people whole to show her affection like a certain other Pokéspirit wielder, currently hilariously dispositioned, wielding the ability to do so, cuddle-slave.

Emily & Lucy - Near Eterna City Ruins

Yay! New friends! Emily was elated to see another person jumping into the group, but he tried to restrain Emily's adorable new buddy (even though Amy was yelling at her)! Bay then went to explaining why he was afraid, but that just made Emily curious about what was going on. Seeing her own bulging belly, she realized that this Lucy girl was probably in her own stomach. Was Lucy the person she ended up in in the first place?

"Hi there!" she said to her stomach, returning to her near-incoherent babbling. Lucy cringed within her, shifting slightly. Geez! This girl talked too much. "You must be Lucy. I'm Emily, but you can call me Em; everybody does, but sometimes they call me 'that crazy girl' or 'that thing that shouldn't exist', but I prefer Em. I like Em; it's short, sweet and to the point." In an instant, Emily went from a rambling mess to concentrated and thoughtful, though she was still speaking to the girl in her stomach, so... she just kind of looked like a crazy pregnant preteen. Say hello to Grandma, Amethyst! Regardless, she seemed to answer Bay's question, even if she wasn't speaking directly to him.

"Now, I'm not sure how you got in me, Lucy, but maybe if you wait a few hours, I can probably p—"

"NO" Lucy interrupted from inside, her rather muffled voice loud enough to likely be heard by the others. She knew where Emily was going with this, and... well... she didn't much care for the idea. Plus, she has to at least semi-protect Amethyst's little girl mind! Can't have her corrupted by knowing what childbirth looks like, or at least what Lucy thinks childbirth looks like, can she?! ...Who are we kidding. She probably didn't even need a second reason. She pressed one hand outwards against the inside of Emily's belly in a testy manner for a moment as she continued. ...Was it really like this inside /her/? "Think of... Amethyst—Please." she practically begged in a more quiet tone, urging the other female not to say anything quite so terrifying to the poor girl. Think of the children Emily! Though Amethyst and Bay would likely have difficulty hearing her unless they placed their ears on or near Emily's stomach, Emily would probably notice the rather vulnerable tone Lucy had adopted. She knew when she was in no position to be threatening or demanding things, and had been humbled appropriately. She might also begin to figure out the rather close relationship Lucy had had to the smaller girl.

Now, how she was supposed to get out—That was an entirely different problem, and Emilly's unfinished sentence haunted her thoughts. How did she get herself /into/ this mess anyway? No, seriously! She must've missed the memo on this one! Who's using the GameShark?!

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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