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    "They give your pokemon a second wind," Kid answered in response to her question after skirt-girl gave a very incomplete answer. "But another rule of survival is to save your resources whenever you can; else you might use something that you'll need more later on."

    Before Hei could retort that she had a lot of leppa berries on hand, more than she had of any kind of berry just because she knew just how dangerous it was to have exhausted pokemon, the kid who had ran before with an Eevee, and Cynthia came back.

    "'Sup, Cyn," greeted Hei with a grin, using one of the many nicknames she had created for Cynthia.

    "Hei," greeted Cynthia back, moving from behind Tyler to next to Hei. She glanced at the leppa berries. "You're actually offering to use some of your supplies?"

    Hei nodded, but watched the in-coming drama between Kid and the boy that she really didn't care much about.

    "Hey, Ace," the boy said, nudging Kid's arm. So, her name, probably her nickname considering the name, was "Ace." Eh, didn't sound as right as Kid. Plus, didn't the boy know that Kid really only accepted touches, and not just those kind of touches, from skirt-girl? "She's going to be okay... And the egg... I decided you should have it. I overheard you with that other girl talking about how important Eevees are in your region. It's being heated under a warm lamp back the the Pokemon Center, so when we're done here you can go get it."

    Damn, this punk really wasn't a friend of Kid's. There was no way in hell Kid was going to take an Eevee egg; her expression towards Eevee-boy showed as much.

    Just like Hei thought, Kid answered with a firm but ragged no.

    "W-what? I... I don't understand. I thought you'd really appreciate that offer... And the egg will need a good home and someone to look over it... I thought you'd make the perfect trainer for it. Why not? The egg needs a home... Are you sure?" pushed the punk.

    Hei rolled her eyes. "Ace," she began, glaring at Kid to let her know that calling her by her nickname was a one time deal, "obviously doesn't want an egg; you don't need to push her for it. I'll take the egg if you're really pushing for a home."

    Cynthia blinked at Hei before glancing around at everyone surrounding them. "Do they know?"

    "Nope," Hei said unconcerned.

    Cynthia crossed her arms. "You know me well enough to know what I'm about to say. What's your answer to that?"

    "My answer would be that you obviously don't know her well enough to assume that she wouldn't want to take care of an egg in need," Hei retorted, probably confusing the rest of the group. "You can explain it to her if she's too confused."

    Cynthia sighed but smiled. "You're becoming as soft as me."

    Hei looked insulted. "I am not!"

    "You just offered to take in a homeless egg. You're becoming soft," Cynthia replied musically.

    Hei growled. She knew that it was probably intimating to skirt-girl and the punk, but probably not to Kid (since she seemed to have some of her own demons) and Cynthia (who knew her well enough by now).

    Cynthia laughed and Hei looked away, a faint rose colour dashing on her cheeks. Hei loved the sound Cynthia made when she laughed: it was beautiful and whole and so full of life.

    It sucked that Cynthia would only see Bai, and therefore her and Hui and Lan, as a sister.

    Hei wasn't quite sure when her admiration of Cynthia's strength turned to love, but it did, and she couldn't even friggin' act on it.

    Hei coughed, standing up from her squatting position on the ground she had used to dig around her bag when she set it on the floor, the colour on her cheeks receding. She raised an eyebrow at the punk. "So?"
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