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Kilik Chambers - Mountains

Draco was willing to take Valorie to a hospital. He also wanted Mana to come along. Was he wanting to know something about her like Kilik? Kilik still glancing at Mana & Valorie, but didn't neglect to listen to Draco. He listened to his words, but Kilik isn't gonna obey that. He's coming along with Draco, Mana & Valorie. He hasn't even seen Kiyoko, or find out what's up with Mana.

Kilik regained his composure, rotating his shoulders to relax. "I think I'll come Draco. I can find my way around the mountins. I'll head to the hospital at a quick pace," he explained to Draco, already wishing Ganta was a fully evolved Pokemon. He didn't mind, he just caught him. He hasn't trained him yet. When he has the time, he'll get started with training. Right now, events were taking place.

Mark was apologizing to Valorie, who had tear stains all over her cheeks. What the heck did Mana do? Kilik could read expressions very well, but this was impossible. This was mission impossible. That's right america, come get me. Tentou was still in Mana's arms. Maybe he should be put back in his Pokeball. "I'll take Tentou back, thank you." Once Mana gives Kilik back Tentou, he'll return him back inside his Pokeball. He waited 'til almost everyone was setting off back to the academy, or to see what event would next take place.

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