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Hey Necrum, I have a question. I have a fully completed Emerald save file. Can I trade my Alakazam to that file, teach it Ice Punch via Battle Frontier and trade it back? I also want to do this for Gardeviour.

EDIT: Update #2 on Emerald

Got to Slateport.
Saved Capt. Stern.
Defeated May.
Got to Mawile.
Trained a bit.
Defeated Wally.
Defeated Wattson.
Kirlia evolved.
Got to Fallarbor Town.
Got to Meteor Falls.
Defeated Magma Leader after going through Cable Car.
Reached Lavaridge Town.
Defeated Flannery.
Got Go-Goggles.
Completed Desert.
Got to Petulburg through Granite Cave.
Defeated Norman and saved.

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