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Mako Reese and Cecilia (Gin) Reese

The road to Children's City was very quiet, eerily so- well, to Mako it seemed that way at least; the recent attack really heightened his wariness of surroundings. He'd grown quite fond of Cecilia, who was now clutching on to his arm more than ever before, and it was difficult to fight and protect her at the same time. Having said that, he was really thankful that she was around, as if she weren't there then he would be face down on the ground with an arrow in his head. Not a pleasant thought. Still, he was not going to rely on her, the last fight merely caught him off guard; he was sure that if such a thing were to happen again, Cecilia would be his first priority, and he would be ready.

The two arrived at the Children's City and were in awe (well, Mako was). The idea of a children inhabited city that was not secluded shocked Mako...though after a few moments of thought, it made perfect sense to him; after all, pokespirit wielders were in good supply and were rather durable. It was actually a little disappointing that he'd passed it on the way home without noticing. Originally, he was going to take a look around the place, but then he heard something that tugged at him.


The voice, as quiet as it was, seemed familiar to Mako. He was sure he'd never heard the voice before, and yet, like many things he'd come in contact with recently, it felt reminiscent of...something. It wasn't in his head, though; the scream certainly came from somewhere off in the distance. Strangely, no one in the vicinity seemed deterred by the scream. If it hadn't had such a strange effect on Mako, he probably would have ignored it as well, thinking it was just in his imagination, but for some reason he felt that he was compelled to go to the source of the cry.

Knowing he couldn't good and well leave Cecilia in the city alone, he picked her up and put her up on his back. Next, he took a deep breath, and took something of a bull's stance, and started to run full-tilt towards wherever the scream came from. Cecilia, however, was not as confident as her new brother was. She didn't hear anything, and she knew not where he was headed, but as dire as he made it seem, she knew that he would not make it to his destination on time. What happened next, Mako really couldn't explain. He was running full speed towards...what seemed to be the northwest, and then all of the sudden what he saw in front of him completely changed. Mount Coronet that towered over him was nowhere was nowhere in sight, and in place of it was the sky. His surroundings had changed, as well. There were streams nearby and it was rather windy, he as in...the Windoworks? How the heck did he get there? Well, he wasn't sure how he got there, but he at least knew he was going in the right direction.

It didn't take long before he reached his devastation destination, and it certainly wasn't what he was expecting. Eterna City, with all of the people it had and buildings intact...was gone. Well, devastated, more like. It wasn't exactly bustling before, and sure it was a little dystopian, but at least it was there. Yet, oddly, Mako didn't really feel too badly about what had happened to the city. Deep down, he felt like snickering, just a little. It almost scared Mako how much he wasn't affected by the obliteration of an entire city. Maybe it was because it was ruled by adults. Maybe it was because he had bad memories associated with it. He wasn't sure, but that became the second thing on his mind once he saw what was going on not far from him.

More familiar faces! Well, one of them familiar in a way that Mako was starting to get annoyed at, the way he couldn't remember, another one who he'd definitely never seen before, he was almost sure he'd seen before, but she'd changed quite a bit since the last time he'd seen her. He walked over to Amethyst, nonchalantly given the situation, and said, "Yo, is this..." he looked over to Emily, whom Amy was looking at with eyes of spite and disgust. Was she the one who screamed? Mako wasn't sure, since he'd never actually heard her voice before. Still, he had to assume. This idea was cemented when he noticed that Lucy was nowhere in sight, and the fact that Bay seemed to be holding her back from attacking this new face. His nonchalant attitude turned serious and he started to emit a subtle aura of what looked like black smoke from his person.

"Hey, you," He said to Emily, who he noticed had an abnormally large stomach. "What did you do with Lucy?"
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