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    Originally Posted by Oshamaru View Post
    Anyway, people should understand that the DS is now dead. A lot of people are complaining, but change is unavoidable.
    A lot of people complained when B2/W2 were made for the DS instead of the 3DS. There will always be people who are unhappy. They can't avoid it.

    Originally Posted by Oshamaru View Post
    It´s also kind of sad that some people say Game Freak "screwed up" for not remaking Ruby and Sapphire. I like the 3rd Gen games, but honestly, this is better. Remakes may happen anyway though. And the titles do have a meaning. : P
    I think they wanted to make it a remake in Gen. VI. The others were done in sprite format, they probably wanted to enhance it this time around on a new game to try out. I still feel remakes are coming someday as it's really silly to expect importing from III on a GBA to VI on a 3DS; you have to go through four sets of games including Gen. VI to get it there (unless they program in imports from D/P/P/HG/SS being on the same system? Nah, doubt it...).

    Originally Posted by Oshamaru View Post
    That aside, which starter are you guys going to pick? I´ll probably pick Chespin or Froakie, but it will likely be Chespin. Seriously, hated starters usually are the ones I end up liking. XP
    I don't think I will answer this. My avatar at the time of this post speaks for me.

    "Y' Emolga really wants to shock your Dedenne."

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