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I always overthink things like this but heres what I want:

New Pokemon I'd like to see:

Killer Whale: Water/Dark or Water/Ice.
Simple really.

Tiger Twins: [White Tiger - Ice/Dark] V.S [Orange Tiger - Fire/Psychic].
Two tigers evolving once each into larger versions. Each has a type that the other is weak against.

Komodo Dragon: Poison/Fire or Poison/Dragon.
3 Stage pokemon that starts as a plain Poison type, but evolves to acquire another type in its third stage (like Nidoking/Nidoqueen).

Frilled Lizard: Fire/Grass.
Leaf like scales with a tail that is seemingly on fire like this:

Rockhopper Penguin: Ice/Electric.
3 Stage pokemon. Ice because of where the penguin lives, Electric because this species of penguin has yellow eyebrows lol.
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