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    Platinum fixed most of DP's problems, including the battle glitches and whatnot (except acid rain, for some reason...)

    Anyway, here is a list of minor changes that improved the gameplay and/or competitive scene:
    1. The rain/Thunder/Protect glitch and similar glitches were fixed. HUGE competitive impact, not much in-game since no one ran in-game rain that gen.
    2. The game overall goes much faster, with less lag between move selection and execution.
    3. Surfing is now at running speed instead of walking speed.
    4. The level curve was much more balanced - no more having Lucian curbstomp your team with a Bronzong ten levels above you.
    5. The English translation was more serious with less memes that would get you banned from Something Awful.
    6. Elite Four rematches, the Battleground, and higher-leveled rival rematches are very helpful for level grinding.
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