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Originally Posted by Aryan143 View Post
Hey Necrum, I have a question. I have a fully completed Emerald save file. Can I trade my Alakazam to that file, teach it Ice Punch via Battle Frontier and trade it back? I also want to do this for Gardeviour.
Sorry, you need to keep it self contained. Only trading allowed is for Pokemon available in the opposite version, getting a Pokemon when your type isn't before the third gym, and evolutions.
Originally Posted by razzbat View Post
quick question
when I play silver could I please hack in misdreavus at the beginning of the game? I know I can get a gastly before the first gym but I can't get a misdreavus until I get all the 16 badges, and I want to have something other than haunters before then
Sorry, no. I have to hold everyone to the same standard. Everyone else who did mono ghost had to do it too. If you want to use Misdreavus you could always play HeartGold or SoulSilver since those games have Misdreavus on the path to Safari Zone.