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    In general I hope that we get new moves that actually add something to the game, not new moves for the sake of new moves. A lot of the previous gen's new moves seemed redundant. For example, Leaf Tornado was basically Magical Leaf, (LT only had 5 more base power and 100 accuracy instead of guaranteed hit), and Wild Charge = Volt Tackle (I guess Pikachu needed to keep its special move?).

    I also hope they do a better job with the TMs this generation. Who actually used Struggle Bug, Telekinesis, Safeguard, Torment, Ally Switch, Fling, Quash, Psych Up, or Snarl? I mean some of those moves aren't completely useless, but they could have easily been incorporated into a Pokemon's regular level up system or a move tutor, instead of taking the place of an actual useful TM, like almost any of the move tutor moves. This is also because a lot of TMs were really only made for a very small group of Pokemon. Quash (who knew that move existed, honestly?) can only be learned by 18 Pokemon, 2 of those by level up. And Ally Switch can only be learned by 15, 3 by level up. 18 and 15, out of 500.

    Specifically, we need a physical 100% accurate high powered steel move that isn't affected by the user's weight, height, etc! Also a high powered physical electric move that doesn't damage us after use. And an accurate rock move, and a high powered physical accurate psychic, Seriously there are plenty of ideas just by looking at all of the basic ones that are missing, there was no need for those redundant moves, Gamefreak! n_n

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