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    Hii PC FF&W community~!

    I'm Michael and I'm brand new here. Fan Fiction and writing are going to be my main thing in my time here at PC and I'd like to begin my first project ASAP, so I'd like to get some input on an idea that's been floating around in my head for the last few days. A brief disclaimer: I typically don't do all OC or mostly-OC stories, but this one has really got me thinking and I'd like to give it a shot.

    Basically, my plot begins in the real world for a brief period of time. Grady Myers, the story's protagonist, is a seventeen-year-old guy and just beginning his senior year in high school. He's still a huge Pokemon fan and a bit of a "geek." He's shy and kind of socially awkward. He's not very popular and doesn't like large groups of people. He used to have a close group of friends and they all used to love all things Pokemon: Battling and trading each other in the games, watching the anime, playing the trading card game, reading the manga. They are all vastly different in personality now and have grown apart through the years.

    One common childhood love reunites Grady and his three one-time friends in the strangest of ways when a twist of fate brings these friends together in the same place, at the same time. An inexplicable accident knocks them out cold and sends them to an undisclosed location. When they come to, they're sprawled out in the middle of a forest. A series of events (to be left alone until I actually right my story) leads them to realize they have somehow ended up in the Pokemon universe.

    This, however, is not the Pokemon universe they thought they had known in their childhood. It is far from it. Things don't always turn out well. People die. Pokemon run rampant. Sometimes Pokemon don't just "faint". Pokemon deemed good for food are bred for slaughter and harvesting. A real crime syndicate by the name of Nightshade epitomizes evil. They don't just steal Pokeballs from trainers. They kidnap, take ransoms, run the black market, and turn to excessive violence. That's the other thing, they come armed. Fully automatic assault rifles, handguns, and explosives are common loadouts for the typical NightShade grunts. They encompass the true criminal, and the worst part is their connections to high-ranking officials leaves them completely free from the law. Becoming a Pokemon trainer is not an ideal occupation here and is certainly not something for a 10-year-old kid like Ash.

    Seeing as they have no way home, and being completely unaware of their area, they wander off and come across a man by the name of Dayan Aspen. They make up a story about how they're from another region and that they're lost. When Dayan begins to question them, Grady tells him they're looking for the local Pokemon professor and wish to receive their first Pokemon. Dayan, being that professor takes them back to his lab and their journey begins.

    Basically, my idea here is still in a draft-type stage. I just wanted to get out the few ideas I'd strung together for this story and plan on building on it from here. I figure I want to make it kind of dark and ominous, but at the same time I want it to have its lighter moments. I plan on using a lot of sarcasm and humor throughout. I still haven't thought about what to call this region yet, but I am working on that. This will have mostly the same basic gym leader thing but it will have the tournament-based league championship like in the anime. Battles will be a lot more violent and gory. People and Pokemon alike will die. People will experience trauma and psychological issues. It will probably have adult themes and will have strong language.

    Anyway, the actual story will basically keep swapping around between their quest with the pokedex/gym badges, their altercations with Nightshade, their in-group issues, and a few side story things. It may or may not have a romantic twist added to it. I just haven't decided that yet. The story will probably be pretty long. In prior experience, my writing will start of with a like 800-1000 word first chapter, and each chapter will get longer and longer, so this could turn into a pretty huge story when I actually start it.

    I don't know if I've done a very good job with this post. I usually just start writing, so I'm not sure if Idid a good job communicating my idea. I hope to get at least some kind of response, though, even if it is negative!

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